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I by the name of Sarath Edirisinghe started Chinese and Japanese martial arts studying in 1976. Since then I have been practicing martial arts such as Okinawan Goju-Ryu, Wing Chun, Kung -Fu, Boxing, Kenjutsu, Wrestling and Judo under several local and international teachers and have won several awards. I had the honor of introducing Chinese martial arts to Sri Lanka for the first time, while establishing “Wushu Kung Fu Research Training and Expansion center in 1984. In addition, I made every endeavor to have made lectures, conference, and shows on martial art education providing true knowledge all over the country to pave the way for students and members for physical, spiritual and cultural development.

Further, I made every possible effort to develop and establish mutual cooperation among local and foreign students by means of the discipline gained from this valuable martial art. By this time, there are more than seventy thousand students, who have been training with the center and as recognition of this invaluable social service, I have been awarded with the titles, “Professor of Martial Arts,” Satan Kala Wisharada, Desha Maanya, Desha Bandu, Desha Mamaka, by the Social Welfare Association of Sri Lanka affiliated to National Honoris Causa Committee.