Wushu Kung Fu

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A man is naturally an aggressive animal and fighting with each other on diverse reasons can be frequently seen in the human history. This fighting was not only limited to the humans but to the animals too. But fighting styles were originated from developed animals. Fighting has been a cause for self-defense, hunting, establishing power, demarcating for the territory, chasing away enemies and personality building and it is common for all beings. However, with the origin of the martial arts took place once the human beings used to fight with formal styles.

Martial arts can be classified into armed and unarmed combats and as per the history records, the origin of traditional martial arts were took place in China 2500 years ago.

This traditional martial art styles, always follow set of rules and regulations for fighting systematically. Therefore, the Chinese Wushu Styles are considered as the oldest martial art style in the world. In 19th and 20th centuries, new scientific martial arts based on Lever Theory and human anatomy, originated such as Judo and Taekwondo. Besides; Jeet Kune Do, Win Chun Styles are the most successful martial arts which new practical enhancements were integrated to the old traditional styles. The modern traditional martial arts were originated either in India or China as per the history resources and The Buddhist monk, “Bodhidharma” who migrated from India to China before 1400 years, is considered as the founder of the traditional martial arts. Thereafter, this martial art which developed in Shaolin Temple in China is named as “Kung Fu”.