Which martial art is right for you?

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The common issue for all martial art beginners is how to select the most appropriate martial art for them. It’s advisable to have chosen a right martial art and practice rather than practicing just martial art for a short period and give up.


There is a standard way of evaluating a good martial art style and good fighting style has 75% of techniques and 25% of terror and Karate Sport has the same. But Martial Art should have 70% of terror and 30% of techniques and Boxing provided the ideal example for it.Since the styles like Boxing and Thai Boxing have high terror, these styles are not fit for the weaker persons. The sports such as Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo etc, are best suited for sports and for self defense too. Judo and Aikido has minimal terror but Judo is not suited for the weak persons. And Aikido is appropriate for the weak since it has high level of techniques.

If you are interested in studying Kung Fu styles, do not stick to one style but at least six styles should be studied. Or else you should master one style. Jeet Kune Do is a unique martial art which developed based on Wing Chun principles. Instead of studying several styles, it facilitates the practitioners to be a high skilled martial artist.

In Wing Chun style practitioner pays the attention only for short range attacks. Hence, it of much importance that wing Chun practitioner knows the style like Jeet Kune Do which has both short and long range attacks.

Martial arts can be classified into three categories such as hard, soft and hard and soft. Karate, Thai Boxing and Boxing fall into hard style which requires more physical power. Thai Chi, Aikido fall into the soft style which is ideal for the weak and light-weighted persons. And Wing Chun is a hard and soft style which is suited for both weaker and strong persons.